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Sounds From Beyond The Grave

The dead don’t talk....they record and release an album instead. SIBLINGS OF SAMHAIN’s excellent new album HYDE is out now. Just ahead of their ‘Nowhere To Hyde’ tour and for us a very special appearance in the evening for Whitby Krampus Run. Boils and Ghouls, check them out in the link below....they won’t bite....much🎃


After months of waiting, we can finally announce that our debut album 'Hyde' is now available via physical digipaks and to stream over at our bandcamp! We have put so much into this release, we hope you all dig it as much as we did recording it!

It also features our friend Jess-O-Lantern from NYC on Winsome Witch!

Also thanks tour Tony Fero for the artwork!

Thankyou to everyone for your support so far, from the bottom of our undead hearts, see you on the road later this month,

Danny Demented, Savage Monster and Billy Butcher 🎃

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