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As you all know 2020 was cancelled due to Covid-19. We kept a very close eye on Covid and its  developments from the start and weren’t at all surprised that with the increased infections and restrictions required to halt the spread there was to  be implications for public events. We chose to cancel the public event but continued on with our creativity to bring the experience of Whitby Krampus Run online with the Tier 6 Event. By the time December 5th the came around we were in a tiered lockdown restrictions which permitted WKR organisers to make a few little films.

WKR Tier 6 was the perfect time for a retrospective of how far we've come in such a short time, to share each others artistic endeavours, exclusive films and live content, chat online, keep the Krampusnacht special, try and raise much needed funds for WKR2021 through the Krampus Kaufhaus. and we even managed a safe socially distant stroll along the pier and beach to mark the occasion with few photos.


Meanwhile we continue making things of wonder, beauty and wildness in fellowship for surely we shall get through this together with the spirit of our ancestors...who faced this sort of challenge regularly. See you all soon.

Join in the dance.

Grusses Vom Usses


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Films created especially for it can also be seen here.