In parts of Europe on the 5th of December, the Eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas the Saint visits homes to give gifts to good children.

He is accompanied by his dark counterpart The Krampus, who teases and punishes naughty boys and girls. 

Krampus festivals or runs are popular throughout Europe and now in America but had never been held in the UK, until 2015 with the very first Whitby Krampus Run, which was very well received. The event has been held annually and grown in size and popularity.

Unfortunately WKRVI 2020 was to be different due to Covid19 and held online.


Hopefully we will over-come these difficulties and that WKRVII 2021 will once again take to the streets.

So be prepared, for Krampus is coming.


Here is a link to a  good introduction.