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krampus 2024


Keep up to date with Whitby Krampus Run news and events. The best place for this is on their facebook, instagram or tik tok.

This year is our tenth and we be celebrating it by we will be making a number of small excursions to check on the behaviour of you all further afield before we go in ZEHN in Whitby on the 7th December 2024.




Whitby Krampus Run’s raid on Sherwood Forest and Wassail.


Saturday 20th January

Whitby Krampus Run will be raiding Sherwood Forest looking for somewhere to hibernate.

We’ll be down by The Major Oak from around 11.00am. Come and meet us and say hello. We should also have a merch stall down there ( weather permitting ) please bring cash if you’d like to purchase as the card reader doesn’t work at that location.

We may disappear a bit around 4.00pm


Then there will be a Mummers play by the Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society


But beware we will reappear at 4.30pm alerted by your lanterns. We will chase you and the Sheriff out of the forest and claim it as ours.


Krampus Krafts will be on at the Visitors Centre in the day for you to make your own lantern for the parade / chase out taking place from the Major Oak back to the Visitor Centre.


Sunday 21st January

We will once again make our way from the Visitors Centre to arrive at The Major Oak for 11.00am. Taking time to enjoy our newly acquired home.

Though we have heard that the The Sheriff of Nottingham will be gathering his Ruff Band at the Visitors Centre at 1.00pm to practice and in preparation to start his parade at 1.30pm to drive us out.

We’ll be checking out if this is true by making our way back to the edge of the Forest from the Major Oak.


The Sheriff would like you all to bring something to make lots of noise, whistles, drums or old pots and pans. Noise will frighten us off but we’re not going to make it easy for you.

Once we’ve been driven back to The Major Oak the Sheriff will then lead you all in a traditional Wassailing ceremony and bless the ancient oak trees and wildlife followed by a Morris performance….

And hopefully a reconciliation that we can stay and hibernate for another year in relative peace.

For more information follow this link


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WKR visits


11th NOVEMBER 2023

Once upon a time, in the heart of Sherwood Forest, a group of mischievous creatures known as Whitby Krampus would spend there summer in hibernation. These mythical beings, a dark and mysterious off shoot of the more famous Krampus from European Alpine folklore, were rumoured to emerge only when the balance between good and evil was in peril. There are age old stories of how they came to this country. Some say shipwrecked on a Whitby shore.

From far in the depths of Sherwood Forest, where the ancient trees whispered secrets of ages long past, a disturbance awakened them. It was a strange energy, an otherworldly force that seemed to call them forth. The creatures gathered under the moonlit canopy of the forest, their horns gleaming in the pale light. The call came from Papplewick, a place held key to restoring the balance in the world. An opportunity, a portal. As the Whitby Krampus made their way, the ancient trees spoke of tales of their past adventures.

Dare you venture forth to discover the beasts  of festive alpine folklore here within the grounds of Papplewick Pumping Station. You had better be good !!

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WKR visits


18th NOVEMBER 2023

As the rift closed, the spectral guardian turned to the group of Krampus enthusiasts, now known as the “Guardians of Balance,” and revealed their next quest. They needed to travel to the ice age caves of Creswell Crags—a place where ancient mysteries awaited, and where the echoes of the past held the key to preserving the equilibrium they had fought so hard to restore. Leaving Papplewick Pumping Station behind, the Guardians of Balance embarked on a new adventure. Guided by the ethereal guardian, they journeyed to Creswell Crags, a hidden gem of limestone caves and ancient rock art, known to hold secrets from the Ice Age.

Deep within the Crags, they uncovered cave paintings that told stories of ancient struggles to maintain balance in a world teetering on the edge of survival. It became clear that their mission extended far beyond the streets of Whitby; it was a quest to understand the timeless battle between light and darkness, good and mischief.


Come to Creswell Crags and witness Whitby Krampus Run as they continue to uphold the tradition and folklore of the Krampus Run. You had better be good !!



Before returning to the streets of Whitby we are making visits further afield to assess the behaviour of some of you to find out if you've been Güt or schlecht

The Whitby Krampus Run is an annual event held in Whitby, England, that brings together a unique blend of folklore, creativity, and festive spirit. Inspired by the traditional Krampus parades in Europe, WKR members dress as Krampus, a mythical creature known in Alpine folklore as the companion of St. Nicholas.

During the event, the streets of Whitby come alive with a spectacular procession. Participants don intricately designed masks, wild costumes, and impressive horns, creating a chilling and mesmerizing atmosphere.

The Whitby Krampus Run celebrates the darker side of the holiday season, embracing the folklore and mythology that surround the Krampus figure.

Spectators and participants alike can expect to be immersed in an otherworldly experience as they witness the sight of Krampus figures marching through the town. The event often includes performances, music, and interactive elements, allowing attendees to engage with the Krampus lore firsthand.

The Whitby Krampus Run not only showcases the creativity and artistic expression of its participants but also serves as a reminder of the diverse cultural traditions that exist around the world. By bringing this unique celebration to Whitby, the event organizers aim to create a memorable experience that sparks intrigue, curiosity, and a sense of community among all who attend.

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