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Kall Ov Thee Wild

krampus 2019
whitby krampus run

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2019 Krampus was our biggest yet as once again the Olde ones took to the streets, led by Whitby's own legendary black dog, The Barghest (also created in honour of our own late black dog Ruby)

The much loved Krampus Krümpettes returned to be the beating heart of WKR and we were also honoured to have the addition of Mr Fox to the event bringing their spectacular fire performance. The revelry continued in the evening with the very first Krampus Ball with SYD.31 headlining, a showstopping display from the Tengu Taiko Drummers, a mesmerising performance from Kev Howard and traditional sounds from Dicky Deegan and of course WKR legend Elvus Krampley. The event raised £701.00 for Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary, £1680 for St. Catherines Hospice and £260.00 for Whitby Dog Rescue.

The Krampus Ball

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Syd.31 is a project formed by front man and producer Dr Magic as a showcase for his songwriting and a desire to create an exciting sound that he, as a fan of music, would love to watch. Bored of paying big bucks to watch formulaic bands; he decided to merge his love of hardcore punk, industrial metal and sickly sweet pop music to create angry, powerful anthems design to connect with freaks, weirdos and outsiders.

Like Rob Zombie meets The Prodigy - Horror Punk and Industrial Metal. Designed to make people bulldoze everything! 

Walk Amongst Rebels is the second album from Dr Magic following The Last Punks On Earth (2017). The new album focuses on surviving our own personal apocalypse -

The loss of homes, jobs, loved ones, families... the ending of a relationship with a lover. The moment when our own world collapses.


The Tengu Taiko Drummers are a high energy, Japanese style drumming group performing and entertaining across the UK. They provide an exciting, dynamic and visual performance and there will be a very special one for the Krampus Ball.

Taiko literally means 'big drum' in Japanese and they will be breaking out the big ones for us. Taiko drumming has been an important part of Japanese culture for hundreds of years.  Its origins lie in the many temples and shrines throughout Japan, played during ceremonies and festivals.

Taiko performances use different styles and sizes of Japanese drum (wadaiko). These can also be played in many different positions and ways. Playing taiko isn't just about hitting a drum to make a sound, it involves body movement, balance, energy, stamina, co-ordination, self control, self awareness and unites mind, body and spirit akin to many martial arts.

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Dicky Deegan specialises in the ‘Gentleman Style’ of union piping, he has been playing the uilleann pipes for over 35 years. He has recorded and worked with many artists over the years including the late Billy Moran, The Fitzgeralds, Jackie Daly, The Fureys, Mairead O’Sullivan and Donal Lunny. Dicky is nominated in the International Celtic Artist of the Year Category, Australia 2019.



Kev Howard is an accomplished professional photography but he holds another talent in the form of playing the wind instruments known as didgeridoo and for us the dordiseal, an ancient celtic bronze age instrument that is played like the didgeridoo. For WKR he will be recreating ancient sounds to reverberate through the ballroom to set the tone.

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The 2018 Kommenback Spezial is komming back again in 2019.
By popular demand...
DER KONIG IS HIER!!! You're eyes WILL deceive you.
Whitby Krampus Run have tracked him down from his retirement kave in the Alps and enticed him out with a promise of a 1/2 pounder Triple Peanut Butter, Bacon, Cheeseburger and Extra Fried Children (hold the gherkins)
You will be enthralled at magik that would usually get you burned at the stake. For Eine Kleine Nacht Entertainment, we bring you the one and only... ...ELVÜS KRAMPLEY. 

"Well you can do anything, but stay off of my blue suede hoofs"

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