Sturm Und Drang

BRING THE can you have a parade without a solid beat. We are so pleased to have a very special troupe - DIE KRAMPUS KRÜMPETTES - as the Untz of the Krampus Run. An all female collective travelling far from the South.... United by their Passion of drumming, unfurling contagious movement and interactive crowd performance. Steeped within the dark history of Sussex bonfire traditions and Welsh mysticism. They will delight and deceive you, bringing the Krampus spirit alive. Let the the beat and your heart unite as one as they play rhythmic homage to St. Nicholas' fiend.

Grusskarten Time

Nothing says age olde rituals and traditions like a Grusskarten....and here are this years fine selection. You saw them here first. Close ups over the week. Now available. Email for details.

Here Ye, Here Ye...

GAV THE IMPALA is a stickler for details. So here are some for you. Those wishing to take part in this years parade please read. Whitby Krampus Run 3.30pm 1st December Church Street Whitby A costumed parade and public event interpreting the fine old traditions from Austria now in its 4th year. This year we are welcoming a troupe of drummers Die Krampus Krümpettes who will lead the parade. For those new to the event and wishing to take part in the costumed parade you will need to let us know at least 4 weeks before the event and register as a member of the Whitby Krampus Pass which is now a society. There is a registration fee of £10 for joining in return you will receive a membership certifi


We are beginning to stir from our hibernation

Nacht Propaganda

....and when the nacht falls komme und tanz mit untz. Siblings Of Samhain Doomvolk Elvüs Krampley Die Krampus Krümpettes and much more... Facebook Event Link Here

Day Propaganda

Put it in your Beastdiary. We march on the wicked 3.30pm 1st December. Church Street, Whitby. Leading the way and bringing you the Sturm und Drang will be Die Krampus Krümpettes. Facebook Event Link Here


Posters and flyers have all arrived now. You'll see us out and about with them. Really pleased with the design and quality of the print. Kollektors items.

Magick Lantern Show

We hope to be able to show this at next years Whitby Krampus Run. More on the documentary at Pimp The Pony Productions website here

Alice Without Chains

Meet the fearsome Adalheidis Ov Thee Steppes. Owner of the Abbey Steps Tea Rooms. She wants to fatten you up in the tea rooms with plenty of delicious cake, ice cream and other food and then let you sleep it off in one of their comfortable snuggly rooms. And just for you we have... A KRAMPUS SPECIAL DEAL Abbey Steps Tea Rooms have accommodation available on the Krampus weekend. Two double Ensuite rooms with sea view available for The Krampus Run. AND Discount for Krampus at £70 per night, min two night stay. A proper exclusive offer for all monsters out there. Get in contact to book before they’re gone. Abbey Steps Tea Rooms Or call 07711 290046

Hey Gut Looking, What Ya Got Kooking?

Kountess Von Hööf. Likes children....couldn’t eat a whole one Properly marinated will lick you into shape. Whitby Krampus Run 3.30pm 1st December 2018 Facebook Event Link Here Photo by Simon Blackwood

No losers here only weiners.

He may look freundlich He may look fun But Unkle Fritzl Will turn you into a Schnitzel So you'd better run!!!! Whitby Krampus Run 3.30pm 1st December 2018 Facebook Event Link Here photo by Simon Blackwood

All Hail The Thing Of The North

Hier ist der Krowned Thing Of The North. For the The King of Krampusse the end of his reign is nigh. It will be time for a neu Krampus to be krowned as St. Nikolaus’ kompanion for the festive season. You will get to choose. Whitby Krampus Run 3.30pm 1st December 2018 Facebook Event Link Here Photo by Simon Blackwood.

Konfess to Impress

Vaneßa Peltz wants your guts for garters and to tan your hide. A lesson you won’t vergessen. Whitby Krampus Run 3.30pm 1st December 2018 Facebook Event Link Here Photo by Simon Blackwood

In Good Nick

A word from the Wise. “Don’t get caught...” - Nikolaus. Whitby Krampus Run 3.30pm 1st December 2018 Facebook Event Link Here Photo by Simon Blackwood

Badge of Honour

38mm Enamel pin badges. Enamel purchased from that scamming tooth fairy. Available for registered participants of Whitby Krampus Run. More details to follow.

Routes and Kulture

On display at the International Cryptozoology Museum, Portland, Maine. You can't know where you are going until you know where you have been.

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