krampus 2022
Krampus workshops


We are delighted to announce that Decadent Drawing CIC has been awarded a grant from Sirius Minerals Foundation to support and enable Covid 19 recovery.


We will be holding a series of 6 weekly workshops for families and individuals to make props to participate in Whitby Krampus Run VIII on Saturday 3rd December.

There will be a focus on making things with no previous

experience, from easily sourced household items and recycled materials plus tips and tricks.

It is also hoped that people will use the sessions to socialise, gain confidence, acquire practical skills and join together, all with lots of informal fun.

In addition to making for individual use there will be a communal project to work on together, creating the Whitby Wyrms. Also meet our ravens and help them to gain their wings. Encounter the Magical Beasts that will be part of the Wyld Hunt and see how they are made. There will be space for up to 20 participants per weekly session with Covid safety being of prime importance.

The sessions will be free, last an hour and a half.

Materials will be provided. There is a plan but we can also be flexible depending on how we get on. This is a fun communal interactive project.








Introduction: How to get going with a creative project. Introduction to Whitby Krampus Run, folklore and local history. Play with materials. Meet Krampus, the magical beasts and the dragons.

How to make masks ( this might be messy ) tips and ideas and stuff to do at home. Safe as safe as possible.

Flags, banners, pictograms and petroglyphs ...make your mark.

Things that make a noise.

Continuing with projects .. we can guide from a long experience of bodging and improvisation.

Finishing session with group canvas and preparation for the Parade


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Workshops start on Wednesday 16th March at 10.30pm. Held at Eskmouth Scouts Hall, Spring Hill YO21 1EB

Enter the car park from Spring Hill then take the pathway to the left side of Bagdale Rise Hotel.

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