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krampus 2023


Keep up to date with Whitby Krampus Run news and events. The best place for this is on their facebook, instagram or tik tok.

This year we will be making a number of small excursions to check on the behaviour of you all further afield before we assemble for the BIG NEIN in Whitby on the 2nd December 2023.




Before returning to the streets of Whitby we are making visits further afield to assess the behaviour of some of you to find out if you've been Güt or schlecht

The Whitby Krampus Run is an annual event held in Whitby, England, that brings together a unique blend of folklore, creativity, and festive spirit. Inspired by the traditional Krampus parades in Europe, WKR members dress as Krampus, a mythical creature known in Alpine folklore as the companion of St. Nicholas.

During the event, the streets of Whitby come alive with a spectacular procession. Participants don intricately designed masks, wild costumes, and impressive horns, creating a chilling and mesmerizing atmosphere.

The Whitby Krampus Run celebrates the darker side of the holiday season, embracing the folklore and mythology that surround the Krampus figure.

Spectators and participants alike can expect to be immersed in an otherworldly experience as they witness the sight of Krampus figures marching through the town. The event often includes performances, music, and interactive elements, allowing attendees to engage with the Krampus lore firsthand.

The Whitby Krampus Run not only showcases the creativity and artistic expression of its participants but also serves as a reminder of the diverse cultural traditions that exist around the world. By bringing this unique celebration to Whitby, the event organizers aim to create a memorable experience that sparks intrigue, curiosity, and a sense of community among all who attend.

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Over Whitby Goth Weekend you will see some of us up at Whitby Brewery for Goth At The Brewery to see Westenra and their curated afternoon of musical entertainment. Members of Whitby Krampus Run will also be out and about town promoting WKR Acht so do come and say Guten Tag. Then on the Sunday at 2.00pm we will be taking the opportunity to debut as a trial run The Whitby Wyrm. This years Krampus parade featured creature which has been created at The Krampus Workshops ( funded by Two Ridings Community Foundation )

You'll find us walking the grounds of Cholmley House just by Whitby Abbey. If you're not familiar with this part of Whitby's lore...


Legend has it that the fire breathing Wyrm, was disturbed during the building of Whitby Abbey, and attempted to destroy it, but was banished to the sea. Every seven years at full moon, he returns to claw at the cliffs and drag the Abbey into the sea.


It's been a great year for us so far with so many invites to appear at other events that we feel a great kinship with. Our next venture out is on the 24th - 25th September to our very good friends' Inkubus Sukkubus event The Tales Of Witchcraft And Wonder, being held at Gloucester Folk Museum.


We will have a space exhibiting some of our artistic creations made over the years as well as art and merchandise for sale.

Click on the links to find out more what's going on...




Our 'John Barleycorn Must Die' ritual will be returning to Whitby Brewery for the second year on Friday 23rd September.

Recognisably irreverent and respectful of the traditions surrounding the season and the harvesting of the Barley before

it is magically transformed into the ale we all love.  There will also be live music from Milo and special guests The Monster Ceilidh Band.

You can watch all the little videos we made for the run up to the event here 

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