krampus 2021
The Krampus Ball

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Release the Beast : WKR VII 04 - 05/12/21

Later in the evening join us for THE KRAMPUS BALL at the The Met Lounge & Ballroom. Unleash your inner Wild Side and Krampus.

The nachts entertainment is brought to you with an excellent line up of musik. We are so happy to have headlining the one and only Inkubus Sukkubus bringing the vibrant sounds Pagan Goth Folk to the stage.


Support comes from the amazing Auger who are finally arriving on our stage after a busy schedule of touring and monthly single releases. We are also proud to have on stage the powerful sounds of Westenra who are going from strength to strength with their dark gothic rock. And it wouldn't be the Krampus Ball without the comeback, comeback, comeback special of Elvus Krampley... be mesmerised by his magik powers.

Our host for the evening will be in the very elegant hands of Krampus Ball favourite Lethal Gem.

Expect chaos expect magik expect your world to change. Plus a selection of music from German oompah, Russian Hardbass, 70's Dub and disturbing Techno novelty hits. There may also be a meat raffle.

A Huge Danke to Justin Bray and The Met Lounge & Ballroom for donating the use of the venue for The Krampus Ball


All ticket sales (not inc BF) goes to the Ball's chosen charity : Saint Catherine's Scarborough. Charity reg number:284701





To komplete the nachts line up we are so proud to have one of a our favourites play for us and raise the dark energy in the room.


Inkubus Sukkubus are a British Pagan GothFolk Rock band based in Gloucestershire with an international following. The subject matter of the music tends to veer towards the dark and supernatural, exploring witchcraft, magic, folklore, death rights and more.

The Inkies - as they’ve come to be known - formed in the summer of 1989 have been releasing albums and touring ever since.

To date they’ve brought out 25 studio albums and performed live in Mexico, USA , Australia, Russia, Turkey, Scandinavia, UK and most of Europe. They have also appeared on national terrestrial television in the UK, Greece, Germany and Finland.

In 2019 they celebrated their 30th anniversary with a series of live concerts and the release of a new album Lilith Rising.


We are so happy at last to have Auger play the Krampus Ball.

And in all that time what with things n stuff getting in the way for us, Auger have been building up a great catalogue of fine music and performances. Working especially hard this past year with regular online gigs and now the challenging task of releasing a single a month on their new label The Big Chair.

AUGER are Kyle Wilson (24) (vocals, programming and live keyboards) and Kieran Thornton (25) (Guitars and backing vocals). AUGER burst onto a unsuspecting scene in mid 2017 with their double 'A' sided debut single "My Guardian / New Life " (Rebco Records) quickly followed by their debut album "The Awakening" (Rebco Records). Both releases enjoyed critical acclaim and substantial air play on both scene radio shows and club nights worldwide.

They perfected their stage craft with a series of high profile support slots around the UK and now finally for The Krampus Ball.

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Kicking off The Krampus Ball with the big, big sound of Westenra, we first heard them when they performed alongside SYD.31 at the Whitby Brewery for the Channel 4 program Trip Hazard.

You may have just seen glimpses of Otto Dixhead and Vaneßa Peltz bopping to them on the show.

::WESTENRA:: are three lost souls each drawn to the dark mysteries and legends of that most magickal place: Luciferia (vocals), Karl (guitars), and Dominique (bass).

They celebrated the release of their debut single “First Light” with a number of gigs over the November 2019 Goth weekend in Whitby, including the Little Angel pub and the inaugural Goth at The (Whitby) Brewery.

A performance at the Whitby Rifle Club in December 2019 was followed with the release of the epic second single “The Last Beat of Our Hearts” in February 2020.

The band’s debut album, “First Light” was released on 4th January 2021.

And now back out playing live again the Krampus Ball is a great chance to see this band perform.


We had the 2018 Kommenback Spezial. He kame back again in 2019...
and now once again with the Elvus behaviour and by popular demand...

it's the '21 Kommenback, Kommenback, Kommenback Special

DER KONIG IS HIER!!! You're eyes WILL deceive you.

Whitby Krampus Run have layed a long trail of his favourite snack. 

A 1/2 pounder Triple Peanut Butter, Bacon, Cheeseburger and Extra Fried Children (hold the gherkins) in the hope to entice him from his kave in the Alps to the stage.
You will be enthralled at magik that would usually get you burned at the stake.
For Eine Kleine Nacht Entertainment, we bring you the one and only...ELVÜS KRAMPLEY. 

"Well you can do anything, but stay off of my blue suede hoofs"