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Return to the Crags

Creswell Crags are putting on a virtual Midwinter Festival of Folklore event.

We have been delighted to be asked to take part and have contributed a small film.

Whilst we were unable to put on our own event we got into making a few films using the props and plans we had made for WKR VI.

The film for Creswell Crags features what was to be our first race.

In the words of Creswell Crag's manager Rebecca Morris-Buck

"This is going to be brilliant. Full programme releases on Monday, so look out for times and links for how to attend then. It'll be FREE but donations very much appreciated.

What started out as a simple Twitter interest poll has blossomed into a creative partnership full of historians, storytellers, musicians, dream weavers and content creators, who together aim to bring some enchantment back into a world turned grey and dismal with the cares of 2020. Together we hope to banish (and perhaps celebrate) the darkness of Midwinter and encourage the light of the New Year into our lives.

Delighted to have so many friends involved in one way or another too, including Claire Finn, Adam Nightingale, David Knight and Elaine Edmunds & Laurence Mitchell."

Join the event here

Enjoy the teaser trailer


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