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Krampus' Little Helper

Krampus' Little Helper Workshops.

Fantastic news that we are delighted to share with you all.

Another activity to watch out for. We are holding weekly workshops where you can get involved with making props from easily sourced or recycled materials and join in the family friendly fun. Our weekly first session will be starting at 10.30am Wednesday October 20th at Eskmouth Scouts Hall (Spring Hill YO21 1EB). We will be making simple masks, banners and flags that will be on display at the Krampus event, Bells and other noise making instruments and creatively contributing to complete the Dragon/Wyrm.

This is open to all ages and abilities no previous experience is needed this is all for fun and open door. Please come along or get in contact through our facebook page

or email

This has been made possible with help from the Sirius Minerals Foundation and their Covid-19 recovery grant. Focussing on helping people in the community to get out and about and regain their confidence as the country comes out of lock down. #krampus #whitbykrampusrun #whitby #krampuslittlehelper #workshops #covidrecovery #siriusmineralsfoundation #fun #makingfriends


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