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Der Ältere State

Yesterday at Krampus HQ a package arrived all the way Groedig, Salzburg, Austria. Inside was a most wonderful kollection of items sent to us from our dear friend and fellow Krampus, Clemens Mente Spechtler of the spectacular Grödiger Pass. He had sent us chocolate, made only 100m from his home. Two T-Shirts with awesome mask design prints. Two brochures full of the most amazing masks and carvings that would sell your Großmutter to have. A stage pass from Grödiger’s Hell Circus (follow links and watch the videos 😱), a newspaper featuring Horrorclowns(!) and most personal of all a collage that Cle made featuring his talks at the local kindergarten and his first mask Gangl. From the deepest pit of our tiny little black hearts you made us have a little weep of joy at these wonderful and personal gifts you entrusted us with. We shall drink a Stein of Schnapps in your honour Cle. A true monster in every way. We are grateful for your invaluable support and mentorship which has given us direction and confidence in the development of Whitby Krampus Run to become a public event it is. Much love from the Whitby Krampus Pass to Grödiger Pass.

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