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We have the plan and it’s all about getting things prepared now.

A very wonderful time to consider all things Krampus at the start of the school holidays...getting on with creation of costumes and props.

This is our second public event with all that entails and we’ve learned a lot from last year. We’ve got options for stewards and a plan for the event which shouldn’t lead to changing plans last minute on the very day.

Street licences are sorted as the event is a fundraiser for Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary we want to promote the work of this very wonderful local charity where every donated penny counts.

We are delighted to welcome a troupe of drummers this year...more to follow on this and the evenings entertainment is shaping up very nicely..

We have an established team of costumed performers from our very first outing in 2015 with more people joining in. This is the very first public Krampus event in the U.K. and we are delighted to have had the support and furry fellowship of societies in Austria ( thanks Cle of Grödiger Krampusse) and Krampus Los Angeles (huge thanks to Al Ridenour and Miles Actually) .

Whitby is a very suitable location to introduce this tradition and incorporate with folklore and history of the locality. Nearby is Star Carr, a middle Stone Age site where horned headdresses have been found, one of the earliest records of wearing horns in ritual.

The stories of festive folklore across the world are fascinating and reveal that there is more that brings us together than divides us.

This is an event to enjoy and explore these themes.

Please get in contact if you wish to participate in the costumed parade. We need your details at least 2 months before the event as there’s limited spaces, this is essentially a street performance and anyone wanting to join in needs to be registered and agree to follow guidelines to be part of the event in all of the old ways.

This isn’t about dressing up for a photo shoot this is much more. This is Krampus. Us are Krampus

We very much recommend Al Ridenour's book 'THE KRAMPUS And The Old, Dark Christmas, Roots and Rebirth of the Folkloric Devil'

But for now it's heiß out there, so pour yourself an ice kold schnapps and think of vvinter. Be Gut.

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