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News from the Whitby Synod of the Ancient Order Of Krampus

Announcements may be bit quiet but lately we’ve been getting on with preparations for the event including filling out of the dreaded forms.

Ideas for sources of funding gratefully received and anything you can do to help out also. We will be exploring the possibilities of crowdfunding after we’ve approached the relevant authorities and alternates.

Meanwhile we are getting some money in the pot ourselves, car boots, life modelling and selling art stuff. We’ve got a fundraising stall at the Metropole on the Saturday of Whitby Goth Weekend. The Dark Days Alternative Market (Absinthe Promotions)

We’ve also got flags and merchandise available which we are going to be promoting.

It’s very important to us all monies raised directly by the event itself on the day goes to Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary and none has to be used to cover expenses.

Thankyou for your continued support fellow Krampusse. Have a Gut Oester.

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