In parts of Europe on the 5th of December, the Eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas the Saint visits homes to give gifts to good children. He is accompanied by his dark counterpart The Krampus, who teases and punishes naughty boys and girls. Krampus festivals or runs are popular throughout Europe and now in America but had never been held in the UK, until 2015 with the very first Whitby Krampus Run, which was very well received even by naughty children and again in

2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

with considerable media attention.

WKRV 2020 is now in the planning

So be prepared, for Krampus is coming.

Here is a link to a  good introduction.

Krampus Run Christmas St Nicholas Art Photography Decadent Drawing



The Parade starts at 3.30pm on Church Street, Whitby. YO22 4DE. 

Wends it's way down the old cobbles of Church Street, moving  to Bridge Street for a little performance

then on to the Market Place for the finale where you get to choose who will be St. Nicholas' right hand Krampus for the forthcoming year.There will be a presence in the Market Place all day, 

Come and sit on the Thing Of The North's

throne whilst hes not watching or have your very own Grusskarten photo with a Krampus or two.

There will be some community stalls and also a great chance to grab some Krampus stocking fillers for your Little Hans und Lottie.

The whole event is put on as a fundraiser for Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary

as Krampus likes to do what he can to look after his fellow wild creatures.





Alles are Willkommen to join Uns on Saturday 1st December for the fourth Whitby Krampus Run WKRIV.



St. Nicholas will be with his Pass, dispensing an antidote to the season with their age olde wisdom. For Whitby is where the wild things still are. Have you been naughty or nice?

Follow the noise, the sturm und drang of

Die Krampus Krümpettes as they take the lead drumming, unfurling

contagious movement with interactive

crowd performance, guardians to

St. Nicholas as he decides your fate. Enjoy your very own Grusskarten and then decide once again which Krampus will be krowned..... 

'The Thing Of The North'

All hail the thing.jpg

WKR IV 2018 night


In the evening join our Krampus and friends as they let their hairs down.




Featuring the 2018 Comeback Special

tricks,illusions and magik from the König.

Elvüs Krampley

The angels' horns of Whitby's very own

swampthings, emerging from the muddy banks of the River Esk  in their trusty Russian Zil 131,  each bearing a gift.



Followed by the devil's trombones of

the decaying demented horror punk sound of the very fine young animals.

Siblings Of Samhain

All held together by Mein Hostess

The Ein and only...

Grimm Rita

Prizes, thrashings and guaranteed chaos.

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