Well apart form it being incredible creative fun making your own costumes and masks, learning about European folklore and local legends and history, we do it for the critters. Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary is a local charity dear to our hearts because of the sheer dedication and expertise. It’s not just for rescue but also a valued educational resource. Every year the work grows and the need for funding increases. Pictured here is Arya the resident 3 legged fox who has an excellent quality of life with companions. All rescues are treated and released back where possible.

Find out more here at WWS website.



There are a some stalls in the Market Place where you'll be able to treat yourself to some Whitby Krampus goodies. Grusskarten, badges, fridge magnets, decorations and original artwork, prints and paper masks. Also we have face painting. Have a tribal neolithic design or a little Krampus.


Other community stalls there are our

chosen charity Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary,

Coast and Vale Community Action, come and learn about all they do or how you can help., Whitby Beach Sweep which have made a big impact

on our beaches this year and Men's Shed.



Whitby Krampus Run WKRIV.


The parade is on Whitby's East Side and takes it's route down Church Street

moves on to Bridge Street for a performance before making it's way back to the market place for the finale.

The Whitby Friendship Rowing Klub

is Krampus HQ for the day. You'll probably see Krampus through out the day as they ready themselves for the parade.

It is also the location for lost children and first aid if needed during the day and where you can find our volunteers.


At night it will be the venue for the evenings

proceedings.........Kommen as you are


Eine Kleine Nacht Entertainment




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