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krampus 2022
The Krampus Ball




Later in the evening join us for THE KRAMPUS BALL at the The Met Lounge & Ballroom and unleash your inner Wild Side, your grubby shamen, or your rutting beast to enjoy the festivities alongside your ol' pal Krampus.

For the nachts entertainment we have an excellent line up of musik that you're not going to see as a line up anywhere else.

We are so happy to have back onstage after a powerful show for the Ball in 2021 the glorious sound of 
Westenra who continue to go from strength to strength with their dark gothic rock and now very much in demand.

Next on the line up will be a sonic assault from Manchester's 
RED MEAT firing off a healthy slab of unrestrained queer rage mixed with punishing techno beats.

We are also extremely proud to have an exclusive from artist, poet, writer, musician 
Katie Metcalfe ( the voice of Cave Mouth) Katie will be performing her 'Darkest Days' piece. This is going to be something quite special.

Expect chaos, expect magic, expect your world to change. Plus a selection of music from German oompah, Donk, 70's Dub and disturbing Techno and novelty hits. There may also be a meat raffle.


All ticket sales (not inc booking fee) goes to our chosen charity Saint Catherine's Hospice.     Charity reg number:284701

Tickets for 16+ (under 18 must be accompanied by and adult)

A Huge Danke to Justin Bray and The Met Lounge & Ballroom for donating the use of the venue for The Krampus Ball

Tickets £15.00 + BF available here




Melodic Gothic Rock from Whitby. Luciferia (vocals), Karl (guitar) and Dominique (bass) create dark & emotional, yet uplifting & danceable songs. Since exploding onto the UK goth scene in 2019, ::WESTENRA:: have shared stages with the likes of goth legends Inkubus Sukubbus, Auger, Pretentious Moi? and Zeitgeist Zero. Their debut album “First Light” was released in January 2021 to rave reviews, followed by a cover of the Cliff Richard classic “Devil Woman” - a taster for the new sounds featured on their four track EP “B r e a t h e” available now.
May 2022 saw Whitby Abbey invite the band to perform as part of the celebrations for the 125th anniversary of the novel Dracula which generated substantial national and international exposure. The band have also featured on a number of TV shows. With esteemed gigs already under their belt, ::WESTENRA:: are now looking forward to performing at locations across the UK

_WESTENRA__stairs with logo.jpg


RED MEAT is the solo Industrial infused techno project of Rhys Hughes (ded pixel). Taking influence from Wax Trax! pioneers like Revolting Cocks, Meat Beat Manifesto and Sister Machine Gun, and adding a healthy slab of unrestrained queer rage to mix along with punishing techno beats and a dominating physical presence on stage, RED MEAT is a sound entirely out, proud and beating it's own drum. Angry, sweaty, queer noise from a council estate in the North of England...
is there anything more industrial?
The debut release for RED MEAT - entitled "Homo Vulgaris" was released on
Manchester Techno Label Drone Records in the summer of 2021. In its first week it hit Number One on multiple charts, including EBM, Industrial, and Industrial techno.
HIS MISSION... Having already played shows around the UK is looking to expand bookings to include European and Scandinavian events, The second EP "Hell Hath No fury Like," Is currently in production.

red meat 3.jpg


Katie Metcalfe is an author, poet, photographer, blogger and singer-songwriter. Too wyrd for most people. Katie blooms best in the dark and grows stronger with the cold. The veins of her work run north. Her creations worship winter and its dark wonders and traverse the Nordics, High Arctic and her homeland of North Yorkshire. She loses and finds herself amidst the lore and landscapes of the northlands, their seasons and inhabitants.
She's published several books and put out one spoken word album, Arctic Fever (2017). In 2021, the Swedish black metal band Mara commissioned her to create the art for their album Loka Mar and Katie is also one half of the
Witch Folk band Cave Mouth, whose latest album, Daughters of the North (2021), was released by Pagan Fortress. Her blog, Wyrd Words & Effigies, has been offering a path through the dark to wild, forbidden places since 2013. Her second blog, The Girl With Cold Hands, explores her infatuation with the north from every conceivable angle.

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