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Release the Beast : WKR VII 04 - 05/12/21


 Whitby Krampus Run : WKR VII and Winter is here.

This year in addition to the Parade on Saturday and the Krampus Ball there is a finale on the Sunday with the Wyld Hunt. The aim is to continue our collaboration with community groups, fund raise for local charities and support businesses as we emerge from the trials and challenges of this and last year. All this is possible due to our year round fundraising and the support from Yorkshire Coast Bid, Scarborough Borough Council, Discover Yorkshire Coast and other partners.

As always we are aware of the ongoing Covid issues but for Whitby Krampus Run 2021 we are reservedly optimistic that all elements of the event will proceed safely. The parade will take place, located to allow plenty of space for spectators away from narrow crowded streets, with full public safety considerations. We urge everyone to take simple precautions such as wearing a mask in a crowded space and be aware of your surroundings and locations of hand sanitising stations.

The line-up for the Ball at the Metropole is now sold out with no tickets on the door. Details on the evenings entertainment can be found here on The Krampus Ball page.

We are excited to welcome back our very own drummers The Krampus Krumpettes and a reappearance of Mister Fox with our Krampusse team and some new exciting performers in Tengu Taiko Drummers


A Finale will take place on Sunday with the inaugural WKR Wild Hunt culminating in a very unique horse race.

We welcome expressions of interest from anyone wishing to join the event as a volunteer though we currently have our full complement of krampus participants. For future reference please be aware that to take place in the Parade itself you need to become a member of the established 'Whitby Krampusse' team and registered. This has been the arrangement since the beginning of the first WKR event.

Whitby Krampus Run is organised by Decadent Drawing a community interest company. The event is a fundraiser for Whitby Wildlife SanctuarySt Catherine's Hospice .

Please pay attention here with reference to Covid-19 restrictions, guidelines and safety come this December 4th.

Our Partners


Our Partners & Friends

We are delighted to be receiving the support of and working alongside again with Yorkshire Coast Bid after a successful partnership in 2019. Their help has been key to enabling the growth of Whitby Krampus Run and especially welcome in a year that has brought us many challenges.

Discover Yorkshire Coast have been supportive promotional partners from when WKR first made the transition to a public event.

Scarborough Borough Council have shown support from the first public Whitby Krampus Run with seed funding and in many other ways.

We thank PPL and PRS for their support with licensing recognising the role of Whitby Krampus Run as a charity fundraising event for Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary to allow us to entertain throughout the event.

Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary has been our chosen charity from the very beginning of Whitby Krampus Run.

For the care and support that they give for all who need it.

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