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As you all know we were keeping an eye on Covid developments from the start and aren’t at all surprised that with increased infections and the new restrictions especially the ‘rule of 6’ there were implications for public events.


It was already no longer possible to hold the Krampus Ball and a ticketed outdoor parade to safely control numbers was not going to be possible within the restrictions, limited funding and the number of volunteers required to make it work.


We are aware that people had booked accommodation so if it helps for those wanting a refund, as much as we regret to say, we can confirm that Whitby Krampus Run as an official public event and parade is cancelled for 2020

Although some lockdown restrictions have eased, many have found that they are in Tier 3.

For the safety and consideration of others we have chosen instead to mark the occasion of Krampusnacht online with our Facebook Event Tier 6.   


A range of this years merchandise is available in the Krampus Kaufhaus. All sales will really help to fund the event and ongoing expenses.


Meanwhile continue making things of wonder, beauty and wildness in fellowship for surely we shall get through this together with the spirit of our ancestors...who faced this sort of challenge regularly. See you all on Tier 6.

Join in the dance.

Grusses Vom Usses


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